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Zilvinas Landzbergas. Vine of Hearts
11 04 – 18 05 2008
The installation Vine of Hearts joins together fragments from different stories previously created by Zilvinas Landzbergas – 60 W Magic, Mortgaged Time, Night Shift and Fir Line. The artist adds the parallel logic of a fairy-tale and symbolic language to his observations of everyday environment and thus re-writes contemporary folklore. Tales about contemporary popular characters, the effects of advertising and rapidly formed consumer habits are transformed into visual language through the remaking of classical genres of landscape, portraiture and still-life. Zilvinas Landzbergas forms these spatial narratives using illusory techniques: he combines details in strange, atypical ways, models different sources of light, plays with 2-D and 3-D images and 'de-materialises' his working materials. The suggestive atmosphere of his installations inspires the audience to construct their own meanings from the variety of fragments on display.

Zilvinas Landzbergas graduated from the Sculpture Department at Vilnius Academy of Arts, studied at Plymouth University and spent two years in the post-graduate artists’ residency De Ateliers in Amsterdam. Since 1998 he has actively participated in international exhibitions, symposiums and projects. He has had solo exhibitions at Modern Art Oxford and Fons Welters gallery in Amsterdam.

The young artists’ exhibition series 'Yellow Line' is supported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture

Zilvinas Landzbergas’ exhibition is supported by StoraEnso and Polichroma
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