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Evaldas Stankevicius
XII. 8 - I. 24
Fanni Niemi-Jounkola was born in 1962 and now lives in Helsinki. She took part in international exhibitions in the Nordic countries, Great Britain, Spain, Australia etc.

This exhibition presented a video created by Niemi-Jounkola in 1998. First shown at the biennial of European art Manifesta 2 in Luxembourg, this work speaks about human behaviour (Paulina Karpiinen, a strip dancer) in the face of a video camera.

'Fanni asserts that she chose Paulina for candid communication by accident - as a human being. (…) The artist sets off to show "a human being as a human being" visually, without interrogating or making her verbalise her unique experience, without looking for a grain of self-consciousness as a witness of uniqueness - not cogito ergo sum, but video ergo sum. To show in this way means to register by accident, without any directing: a video camera accidentally happens to be placed between the dancer and a friendly spectator.'

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