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Kestutis Kuizinas
VIII. 21 - IX. 21
This was an exhibition of two young Norwegian artists who had already won international fame.
Hans Hamid Rasmussen's installation Honey Wall sprayed foams of honey in the lower hall of CAC all month. Spectators wishing to have a closer look at the installation could put on raincoats, open umbrellas and get under streams of honey.

The other artist Knut Asdam presented two works - the video installation Psychastenia 3 in the basement hall of CAC and a radio play in the main hall. The first work was a video projection questioning the principles of visual perception, and the second one connected techno music and text read by several actors that could be listened to on the earphones while watching traffic in the street.
Videograms: Karrabing Film Collective filmų programa
Skaitymai su Gerda Paliušyte: gotika ir afroamerikiečių kinas
Film programme by Kipras Dubauskas and invited artists
Suppressed Intensities: African American Protest Poetry Translation Workshop
Rasė ir popmuzika. Klausymosi sesija su Nombeko Auguste ir Karoliu Vyšniausku
Unfortunately, it’s a different world for you. Book launch and open discussion