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Jonas Valatkevicius, Lili Laxenaire, Eric Binnert
VII. 9 - VIII. 22
Authors: Boris Achour, Alain Declerq,
Brice Dellsperger, Olivier Dollinger,
Marion Lachaise, Nicolas Moulin

Curators: Jonas Valatkevicius,
Lili Laxenaire, Eric Binnert

Of the numerous presentations of French art at the CAC, 'Vilnius-Paris’99' was the first exhibition arranged at the initiative of the CAC. Curator of the Centre Jonas Valatkevicius, who offered the idea of the exhibition and the co-operation possibility to Lili Laxenaire and Eric Binnert, went several times to Paris.

The work was done directly by visiting galleries and meeting with the artists. The exhibition included ten works that, according to the form, ranged from video installation to photography. The majority of the exhibited works were of a social nature, depicting the status of a young person in a post-industrial society: the painful search for the meaning of life and identity, attempts to define human relations or understand the essential social phenomena of today.
Marion Lachaise
Oliver Dollinger
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