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Joachim Sauter. Media Spaces and Installations
18.00 Wednesday 9 July
During the last decade, 'new' media has advanced more and more from private into semi-public space (museums, theatre etc.) and also public space (city space). The reasons for this are manifold. The necessary technologies have become cheaper, more easily manageable and more stable; people are media literate, and artists, designers and decision makers are better educated and skilled in this field. The most important quality of new media is interactivity (mutual dialogue). By interacting with the space we create, in addition to the experience, a higher identification with the medium through the direct changes that occur through their presence – they become part of the environment.
Joachim Sauter

Prof Joachim Sauter will discuss and showcase interactive installations, interactive environments and interactive architecture.

After completing his MA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin Joachim Sauter studied at the German Academy for Film and Television, Berlin. Since 1991 he became the professor for New Media Art and Design at the University of the Arts, Berlin and since 2001 he has been an adjunct professor at UCLA, Los Angeles. Prof Joachim Sauter has used computers both as a tool and as a medium from the early stages of his work. Fueled by this interest, he founded ART+COM in 1988 together with other artist, designers, scientists and technicians. Their goal was to research this new medium in the realm of art and design. He has participated in many exhibitions around the world including projects at Ars Electronica, Linz, Centre Pompidou Paris, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum for Contemporary Art Sidney, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Venice Biennial, ICC Tokyo, Getty Center Los Angeles, and ZKM Karlsruhe.

Prof Joachim Sauter’s visit has been supported by: Information Center of the National Gallery of Art and Goethe-Institut Vilnius
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